Mann Legal Services, LLC

Attorney Tobin Mann

Tobin Mann, Attorney
Tobin’s background includes a wide range of law practice experience, both in large firm and small firm private practice and as in-house General Counsel in the privately-held, mid-sized manufacturing context. During the course of his legal career to date, he has provided a wide range of business advice and legal services, as well as drafted a comprehensive array of contracts, agreements, real estate documents, estate planning documents, business organization documents, and compliance documents.

Tobin received his Juris Doctor degree from Cornell University and is a member of the Ohio State Bar Association, the Licking County Bar Association, and the Fairfield County Bar Association. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Evansville.


Attorney Jayne Mann


Jayne Mann, Attorney

An attorney since 1988, Jayne has focused her attention on writing, legal drafting, and business communication. A former Corporate Communications Director for a privately-held, mid-sized manufacturer, over the course of her career, she has written a full range of legal documents as well as business positioning packages, marketing proposals and materials, press releases, and trade magazine features. She practices law part-time with Mann Legal Services, LLC. Jayne received her Juris Doctor degree from Capital University and holds a B.S. in Physics with a minor in English from Ohio University. She is a member of the Ohio State Bar Association, the Licking County Bar Association, and the Fairfield County Bar Association.

Tobin and Jayne have one son, Quinlan, a student at Denison University, Class of 2020.

Mann Legal Services' expertise includes:
  • Business organizations. Setting up corporate, partnership, and LLC business structures and providing ongoing meeting and organizational compliance
  • Employer-side human resources. Advising on human resource issues, including benefit, pension, and 401K plan set up and compliance, employee handbooks, workers' compensation, employment discrimination matters, employee contracts, corporate-wide Reductions in Force plans, employee complaint investigations, and OSHA response
  • Real estate issues. Advising on real estate purchases, leases, and sales, and company response to governmental and EPA code compliance issues
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and business sales. Advising on sales and purchases of businesses, including mergers and shareholder buy-outs, including preparation of initial Term Sheets, Confidentiality Agreements, Letters of Intent, and final Agreements
  • Contract law. Advising on and drafting a wide range of contracts and agreements
  • Estate, succession, and legacy planning. Advising on and drafting a wide range of estate planning, succession planning, and legacy planning